ShoreLock Home Watch Services

Shorelock Homewatch is the trusted partner in home watch in the Greater Sarasota Area.
As advocates for you in your absence, we partner with you, the homeowner or property manager, to maintain and protect your homes in your absence.

We determine pricing by scheduling a walkthrough of your home and consult with you to determine your home watch needs. In addition to our basic services package below we offer a number of additional services which you can view by selecting our Shorelock Home Watch services webpage.


  • Visual inspection of walls, ceilings and floors, looking for any sign of water damage, moisture and/or mold.
  • Verify current temperature, humidity and thermostat settings.
  • Check all exposed plumbing and fixtures for signs of leakage.
  • Check/Replace smoke detector batteries.
  • Check refrigerators and freezers are operating and maintaining temperature.
  • Check hot water heater and home appliances.
  • Check the electrical panel for any tripped breakers.
  • Check the garage and attic for any signs of rodents or pest intrusion.
    ‘Brush and Flush’ all toilets in the home.
  • Run water through all faucets and water fixtures to cycle plumbing.
  • Verify all windows and doors are secured from the inside and outside, with no signs of intrusion attempts.
  • Verify any lights programmed to come on are working properly.
  • Change air filters (if requested).


  • Inspect all doors, windows and screens for signs of break-ins, vandalism or damage
  • Inspect exterior for rodent infestations.
  • Inspect exterior for vandalism
  • Verify condition of lawn and landscaping to ensure routine maintenance has been performed by lawn service providers.
  • Inspect dock area (if applicable) for functionality or weather-related damage.
  • Inspect pool (if applicable) to ensure routine maintenance has been performed by service providers.
  • Check that the main water valve to the residence is set in the OFF position after each inspection. (Unless otherwise directed by the client)

Emergency Services

Hurricanes and bad weather are not the only things that threated vacant homes – burglary, vandalism, and electrical emergencies are just some of the numerous examples that can be factored in the risk of unoccupied homes for extended periods of time. Shorelock Home Watch will become your alarm company’s local contact and key holder. In the event of an emergency, we will respond as soon as time or local authorities and weather permits and asses any damage or situation and report to the you, the homeowner, the extent or severity of the emergency. We will then put a plan in place to remedy any sustained damage.

Concierge Services

Let Shorelock Home Watch make your arrival and departure stress free:

  • Grocery and beverage shopping
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Mail/package forwarding
  • Start and let run or drive car – distance of driving is set by the client
  • And so much more!

Hurricane Services

Hurricane Prevention

Hurricanes are a certainty in the Sunshine State. Let us ease your burden by preparing your home when a hurricane is impending. Shorelock Homewatch offers a variety of pre- and post-storm services to protect and secure your homestead, including securing loose items around the property, putting up shutters, bringing in patio furniture, and conducting post-storm checks.

When it comes to home security monitoring we help you choose the best possible solution for your home. 

Referral Program

To our valued customers:
Refer a friend and get one month of FREE homewatch inspection services when your referral utilizes Shorelock Home Watch.

Offer is applicable for up to a year of home inspection service for customers giving referrals and up to $150 worth of monthly home inspection services.
Here is what you’ll do:
Tell a friend
Have them mention your name at the time of sign up
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