Hurricane Preparation with Shorelock Home Watch

We cannot stress enough the importance of preparing for a large storm or hurricane. Hurricanes create a certain type of chaos and confusion for coastal communities. This unknown fear produces a large demand for preparation services and goods to weather the storm. For example, plywood, hardware, food, water and most importantly fuel. With the impending storm approaching, it is nearly impossible to find a local contractor, handy man, or service person to accommodate your needs. As a Collaborative Home Watch client, you can rest easy in the fact that we have you covered… Let us plan your protective measures.


Put up existing storm shutter panels at the residence.
Close roll-down and accordion style storm shutters.
Reinforce garage doors and openings.
Disconnect appliances to reduce the risk of electrical shock when power returns to the property.
Turn off main power to residence (as requested by client).
Stow bulk items in a secure place to include patio furniture, grills, planters and potted plants.
Adjust the thermostat on refrigerators and freezers to the coldest possible temperature.
Add chemicals to pool or hot-tub (as requested by client).


Complete a post-storm inspection immediately after the storm has passed and its deemed safe to travel.
Assess losses and remedy whatever damage was incurred by the storm.
Provide access for contractors to fix issues.
Take down existing storm shutter panels and stow away in designated area.
Open roll-down and accordion style shutters.
Return the property to normal standing.

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